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Scaling Deep Tech Innovations
Circular Economy, Fashion

Renewcell’s Troubles: An Analysis

On Monday came the news that Swedish textile recycling darling ‘Renewcell’ was bankrupt. Renewcell was a textile ‘advanced’ or ‘chemical’ textiles recycler who aimed to process mostly-cotton textiles (such as bedsheets and jeans) with a series of chemical treatment steps to produce a substitute for wood pulp from trees, which was intended to make, for …

Circular Economy, Fashion, Plastics

Recycled Polyester and the Plastic Bottle Dilemma

By Paula Lorenz The Thing About Polyester One thing increasingly noticeable on the internet are ads for sustainable clothing made from recycled polyester. Many brands are now marketing recycled polyester clothes, from small ranges or capsule collections by bigger brands, to niche brands that have made this their USP. To the average, eco-conscious consumer this …