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Circular Economy, Plastics

Marketing Hype or Reality? Why Plant-and-Plastic Hybrids Are The Worst of Both Worlds

By Dr. Ashley Holding and Paula Lorenz Cactus leather. Apple leather. Coffee shoe foam.  It seems like every other week, there is a new story praising the latest material that might be a revolutionary new alternative to some existing material, such as plastic or leather. There is a pattern that connects many of these innovations: …

Circular Economy, Fashion, Plastics

Recycled Polyester and the Plastic Bottle Dilemma

By Paula Lorenz The Thing About Polyester One thing increasingly noticeable on the internet are ads for sustainable clothing made from recycled polyester. Many brands are now marketing recycled polyester clothes, from small ranges or capsule collections by bigger brands, to niche brands that have made this their USP. To the average, eco-conscious consumer this …